New Method to Harvest Castings

I’m pretty excited about this!

Harvesting castings has always been tricky in a condo… Most online posts suggests dumping everything out and sorting through to remove the worms and well… That’s not really an option in a small space like a condo.

Up until recently I’d been shining a light on the bin and grabbing a few spoonfuls at a time and mixing with water to make worm tea. And that’s fine for indoor plants but in the summer I grow a lot on my balcony and it’s a bit slow and tedious and after 5 years of re-using the soil I think my soil needed a little more of a pick me up then the occasional worm tea hit.

At first I wanted to remake my bin so I could let water trickle through and collect the worm tea at the bottom through a spout but that seemed like a lot of work (it may still happen)…

Then I thought maybe I could just use another bin to collect the water when I wanted to run water through the bin… But again it was too much work (it may still happen)…

So for now I’ve opted for a colander with compost (worms and all) over a container to collect the worm tea.

Slowly add water and move around as needed to let it drain.

The worms seem fine even when a few dropped through and sat in water over multiple refills. I imagine it’d be like a heavy rain storm when the worms come out of the ground and sometimes end up in a puddle for a bit.

Put the compost remains with worms back in your bin or in a new bin. I placed some in my outdoor bin which always tends to dry out so the watery compost was a great addition. I didn’t even let it drain completely.

Outdoors, I used a big bucket and added a lot more compost. Indoors I used a smaller watering pail and only added about 1/4 cup of compost.

I loaded the compost for the outdoor plants and when I watered the plants there was a rich layer of compost on top. I imagined this might be what a layer of silt looked like that used to run off the Nile into Eygpt.

Btw I don’t feed my worms San Pellegrino, I just happened to use it to bring water to the pitcher but you could just as easily bring the pitcher to the sink.

And this was a spare colander I had kicking around. I like it cause it’s collapsible so it doesn’t take up too much space and can sit in the watering pail and out of the way. I would recommend having a colander for composting rather than washing one out and using it for food again… Actually I’d strongly recommend đŸ™‚



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