Growing Hydroponic Lettuce in the ground 


I recently started using an organic produce delivery service and it was a bit of an adjustment. Instead of buying just what I wanted, I’d get produce based on their supply.

A few times I’d forget something was in my fridge and it go straight into the bin. 😦

I’ve also learned to make a lot of preserves and I highly recommend lemon curd for desserts and tomato and bacon chutney for BBQ season. 🙂
A few weeks in a row they sent lettuce, first red, then Boston, then red and red again. Needless to say I didn’t keep up but the lettuce kept pretty well in the fridge, I think the Boston lettuce lasted about 3 weeks. Which got me thinking maybe it’s healthy enough to plant.

All the lettuces were hydroponic lettuces so they still had their roots.

I cut away the mess holding the little soil and roots together making sure to disturb the roots as little as possible. I also cut away any wilted leaves then I planted it in a container.

These photos were taken 3 weeks after planting. You can see the Boston lettuce seems healthy. Tho I’ll probably cut away some of the leaves once it’s established and let new ones grown before eating.

Only one of the 3 red lettuces survived and my guess is it was because this one had the most leaves and the least wilting. The other two I had to cut away almost all the leaves because they had become soggy.

Basic science would suggest that leaving as many leaves in tact as possible will help the plants get energy as they re-establish themselves in a new environment.

I planted lavender beside it to take up some space.

Also I planted these in late April in Toronto on a balcony when it was still cool, and there are no pests to pick at it. I found on a very hot and sunny day the leaves would droop so I’m not sure how well this would work in the summer.

Overall I’m pretty happy with taking what would have gone into the compost and giving it new life. Also I have yet to grow lettuce from seed successfully so perhaps this will be an easier start than even seedlings. 🙂


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