Rehydrating Soil

One of the biggest challenges of keeping a container garden on a balcony is keeping the soil quality.

Not only is buying new soil and carrying it up a pain but also there’s not really a good way to get rid of old soil.

Normally I mix worm compost with the soil in the fall and in the spring but this year I noticed the soil was particularly dry so I’m trying something new.

I’ve decided to hydrate and enrich the soil at the same time with worm tea.

I watered the soil with worm compost mixed with water every couple of hours just enough to moisten the top layer then let it drip down.

To save water I tried to stack any containers that could drip onto other containers together.

Ideally you water just enough to minimize run off. Then repeat a few hours later.

If you’ve been composting through the winter this should be a perfect way to use some of that collected compost and it’s a great time to clean up your bin, re-bed, and start your outdoor bin for the summer, if you have one.

Once the soil looks rehydrated you can start planting. đŸ™‚


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