Preparing for Winter


The main things I’ve learned over the years is to prune the plants and clear off any debris. Even indoor plants tend to lose leaves in the fall. With less sunlight in the fall and winter, it’s a good idea to remove any discoloured, fallen, or unhealthy looking leaves and branches and trim down the plant.

Don’t be afraid to trim the plant down significantly, it’ll help conserve it’s nutrients and new growth will be slower in the winter so it’ll be less likely to need transplanting. Plus I often can’t keep up with my plants in the summer so they grow a bit wild. Fall/winter is a good time to clean up and get them under control.

I also take cuttings and place them in water in an empty wine bottle or vase. I find if they’re in a green bottle they’re more likely grow roots and can be replanted. Tho I often cut pothos and place it in clear glass jars and they still sprout roots. But even a bit of cut jasmine in a clear vase is a nice decoration.

I don’t fertilize any of plants with chemical fertilizer but I’d be even less inclined to do it in the winter tho I do use worm tea as usual (as usual being once every 2 months or so). I find my plants are already pretty healthy and I’ve run out of large planters so I fertilize when the soil starts to look drier and less healthy. A bit grey instead of black. If you have new plants you’re trying to grow bigger you may want to fertilize more but the lack of light in the winter may make it difficult for the plant to grow anyway so it may be wasted.

But what I love about worm tea is that it maintains healthy soil and plants. I always notice an immediate difference when I fertilize with worm tea. The soil stays moist longer and the colour is more rich.

This winter I’ve also decided to remove the curtains from my south facing living room windows. A bit extreme I know but there’s so little sun as it is in the winter, I wanted to make sure my plants get as much as they can. Of course you don’t need to go to such extremes but consider keeping curtains open as much as possible.

I’ve also brought some of my outdoor herbs indoors this year and will see if they last 2 weeks before posting. I’m testing a few methods, stay tuned…


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