Indoor Roses

Yellow Rose

Every year I try a new plant indoors and one of my favourite plants of all time are roses.

If you do a quick search online they’ll say you should not grow roses indoors. They need a lot of sun, good air circulation, and lots of nutrients… But I just love roses so I’m trying anyway and so far so good!

I figured if they started to wither I could always move them outside but since I can only container gardening anyway, even outdoors, might as well try them indoors first.

I planted them in a pot about 2 inches larger than the plant. Used new potting soil, kept them watered so the soil never dried out completely. And fed them worm tea every 2 weeks or so. Oh and kept them in a very sunny corner.

The yellow bloom above is my first rose and it smells unbelievably sweet! I’ve smelled many roses in my day and nothing like this!

I cut it as soon as it bloomed so the plant could start developing other blooms. It would be hard to ever create a boutique but a single rose is beautiful and if it could supply a single rose every couple of weeks I’d be pretty happy. đŸ™‚

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