Meyer Lemons


This fragrant plant is beautiful and practical.

If you want to eat the lemons you may need to selectively pick a couple of lemons at a time to raise (trimming off the rest) but if you just want the beautiful scent of lemon flowers to fill your room feel free to let them all bloom.

I find this plant blooms best with regular worm tea feedings. Before I started using worm tea I didn’t get a single bloom. Now I get a dozen at a time. It’s really beautiful!

All citrus plants need a lot of sun, and the soil should never be let to dry out.

Unfortunately citrus plants are difficult to grow from seed tho I did get an organic lemon seed to sprout once, it was difficult to keep and no where near maturing to fruit before I forgot to water it and it died.

If you want it to fruit it’s best to buy a mature plant that has been grown to be kept indoors. The plant above was 5 years old when I got it and took a year before it started flowering. And even then I wouldn’t be too hopeful for edible fruit in Canada as they do require a lot of sun and care to fruit but it also makes for a very beautiful houseplant.

Some things to keep in mind:

– a very sunny south facing window
– moist conditions, soil & surrounding air
– brush the blooms to cross pollenate
– only allow a couple of blooms to mature to fruit at a time
– worm tea or fertilize regularly

If you do cut off blooms, I like keeping them in water like cut flowers so I can enjoy the fragrance.


  1. The lemon plant looks beautiful. It’s amazing the effect that worm tea has on plants.

    I find getting enough sunlight for indoor plants is a big issue for me but obviously your lemon plant is getting enough sunlight to keep it happy. Do you do anything to ensure it gets enough light at this time of year?

    • Thx Pete! Tho yes I’m pretty sure it’s mostly the worm tea đŸ™‚

      I’m lucky to have a south facing window. It’s barely enough light in the winter but most plants survive. I like growing tougher plants so I avoid artificial light, it’s survival of the fittest at my house, lol

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