Kitchen Garlic


All the literature I’ve seen says start garlic in the late fall and leave it in the ground over the winter so I tried that this fall with a sprouted clove of garlic from the kitchen. And it worked!

My single garlic clove has grown into a pretty large plant considering its only May, with nice dark green leaves and its a bit early to say but perhaps the scape? (see photo above)

However, I also found myself with a few sprouted cloves this April and was a little sad I hadn’t planted more garlic in the fall so I planted them anyway and so far so good.

They’re not as big as the one planted in the fall but they’ve definitely grown.


The once little shoot that I submerged facing up but completely covered in soil is now a few inches out of the ground (see photo above) and its only been 2 weeks.

I’ll have to wait to see which really does better by harvest in the fall but considering I just used garlic that I bought in the supermarket and that I probably would have fed to the worms since they sprouted, I’m pretty happy with the result so far.


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