Container Blueberries


I’m embarrassed to admit this but this isn’t my first blueberry plant…

I bought a blueberry plant 2 years ago that never produced any blueberries. I bought it on a whim and didn’t do much research, put it in a container and watered it regularly to little result. The plant was healthy enough but never fruited and died over the winter.

This year the local garden centre had some really beautiful blueberry plants and once again, on a whim, I decided it was time to try again but this time I did a quick online search on blueberries on my phone while at the garden centre.

– Plant close to at least one other blueberry plant for cross pollination.

– Plant a few different varieties so they can be harvested at different times.

– There are two general types, high and low bushes.

– Thyme is a good ground cover for blueberries.

– Keep soil moist.

– Fertilize once or twice a year, no more.

– Full sun.

– Plant in large planter, at least 20 inch diameter.

Armed with a bit more info I bought 3 blueberry plants, all different types. Duke, Bluecrop, and North Country. North Country was a low crop, the other two seem to be higher bushes tho the labelling wasn’t that clear.

I planted them in one large 20 inch planter with 1/3 worm compost (worms and all) and 2/3 potting soil. I planted spinach and thyme as ground cover mostly because I can never get enough spinach and thyme so at least the planter wouldn’t be a complete waste if there were no blueberries.

So far the thyme is doing well, the spinach not so well but it could be due to other factors. It’s been really cold the last few days and before that it was rainy so there hasn’t been too much sun.

The amazing news is I think I may have my first few blueberries already!


I did what some literature suggests not to, I bought plants with buds already. They say that buying plants without buds is better and some even say to cut off buds the first year and let the plant get established and if I were planting them in ground I would have done that. But in a container I’m not sure they’ll even survive the winter, tho I’m hopeful… and there’s less room for them to get established to I figured a few buds couldn’t hurt.

And I think some of the buds may be developing into fruit already but it’s a bit too soon to confirm. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing because I hope they won’t stop producing now that it’s fruited but will keep you posted…


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