A little more finicky than your average house plant but totally worth it! The fragrance from a single jasmine flower can fill the room with a light perfume. No need for air fresheners.

Jasmine is a tropical plant and therefore requires a bit more care in the average home. It has a tendency to dry out if you’re not careful and needs a lot of sun. I keep a bottle of water near the plant at all times and water it about a cup of water every time the soil looks dry which can sometimes be every day when it’s warm.

You’ll need to keep an eye on the plant for the first few weeks to see how it’s responding to its new environment. A little time and care at the beginning and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful flowers that are incredibly fragrant.



  1. Thanks for the tip. It’s a great idea. A natural air freshener is much better than store bought ones. By the way, the worms I bought from you 3 months ago are doing well. They appear healthy. I’m waiting for them to multiply. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for the comment David, lavender is also a great air freshener in case you can’t find Jasmine. đŸ™‚

      As for the worms, glad to hear they’re doing well. Feed them and they will multiply. With thanksgiving and a lot of preserving I do each year at harvest time my bin is overflowing with worms. It was a little shocking to see so many. Just be sure to keep checking it and add lots of egg shells and newspaper to prevent it from souring.

      Happy Composting! đŸ™‚

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