I didn’t really use dill until I started growing it. I picked it up at a garden center a few years ago more out of curiosity and found it was pretty easy to grow. So easy that I needed to find ways to use it to prevent it from bolting and that’s when my love for dill began.

This year I planted both seedlings and seeds. I started with seed (see photo below) but it was taking awhile to grow so I bought a plant at the garden center.

I often find herbs in the garden center to be overcrowded with seedlings, especially if they’re in a little pot so I usually split up the plant. Just gently pull the roots apart, either in half or quarters if it’s really packed. But don’t force it, if the roots don’t want to separate just plant the whole plant and try to split it when the plant is stronger. The photo above is only a quarter of the pot but it’s filled in nicely.

I like spacing them out to get more coverage and so I can plant them in multiple pots.

A funny thing about dill is they shouldn’t be planted with carrots even though they’re in the same family. The plants look so similar it’s probably best to avoid it just so you don’t confuse the two but I’ve also read that…

Dill is a great companion for lettuces and cucumbers. I’ve planted a little dill with my cucumbers and we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

Recently I’ve discovered a love of fresh dill on BBQ hot dogs (or pan fried in a pinch)… Yes hot dogs, they’re a guilty pleasure. If you’re finding yourself with an abundance of dill and don’t mind the not so healthy factor I recommend you give it a try. I also plan to make pickles soon.



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