Lavender Update:

I’ve cut back the lavender, the plant was growing a bit unevenly anyway but there were a few more buds which made it a hard decision. I’ve placed the cuttings in water in my room and hope they’ll develop roots but if not they still fill my room with the relaxing scent of lavender. And there are a few little purple flowers too.

I did notice that once I stopped water as much there were more flowers. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or if less water really impacts flowering.

Any thoughts?


Lavender is probably one of my favourite smelling herbs. I rarely use it for cooking but I just love the smell.

Lavender is a pretty easy herb to grow but I find it a difficult herb to grow well.

My lavender always has lots of green and often roots quickly when I take cuttings but it rarely flowers.

I’ve planted English and French lavender this year. The English lavender (see photo above) had two flowers when I bought it and it still only has two flowers. 😐

The French lavender has yet to flower. In fact, I’ve planted French lavender a few years now and it never flowers. I have one cutting from last year that I’ve planted back outside this year. Actually it was from a seedling I bought two years ago, I took a few cuttings in the winter and replanted it last summer outdoors then took a few cuttings and now I’ve planted it again.

French lavender has beautifully textured leaves that I love as cuttings (see photo below). And the leaves are quite fragrant so they’re great for keeping indoors as cuttings.


This is my first year planting English lavender and I hope to take cuttings from it as well.

I’m even considering cutting the flowers and cutting back some of the leaves in hopes it will flower again.

A few things I’ve read about lavender is that it likes sun and it doesn’t like to get its feet wet so it prefers dry soil.

If anyone has any tips for getting lavender to flower, I’d very much appreciate it. 🙂


  1. I’ve been growing lavender for seeds this year–I find that they are growing pretty slowly. I hope when I get them in a pot outside they will pick up the pace, because I have seen some neat ideas of ways to use lavender in cooking! Your plants look beautiful–give me hope for mine. 🙂

  2. I’m growing English lavender. Actually, I HAVE English lavender. It’s not growing. I planted it about 4 months ago. I thought it was a good place (full sun) and I keep it on the dry side. But no growth. No flowers. It’s just sitting there…being lavender.

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