Beets are such an easy vegetable to grow!

I grow them from seed and they’ve never let me down.

Some things to remember about beets are they don’t like to be moved so sow them directly into the ground.

Follow instructions on package to ensure they’re sown at the right depth.

They’re cool weather crops so start them in the early spring, I started these ones in early April since we had a mild winter this year. You can also plant them again in later in the summer for a fall harvest. Again read the instructions on the package.

Keeps the beets well watered to ensure a nice juicy beet. Don’t drown them but don’t let the soil dry out. Well draining, nutrient soil is best so a good potting mix with lots of regular worm tea feedings is best if planting in a container.

They like full sun but can survive in partial shade.

Young beet greens go well in salads. Mature beet greens are great sautéed with a bit of garlic.

Beets are delicious roasted in aluminum foil with a bit of olive oil, thyme, salt & pepper.

And my all time favourite is sliced roasted beet root on a burger, Aussie style!


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