Although I’ve accepted my balcony doesn’t get enough sunlight for a wealth of tomatoes, even one vine ripened cherry tomato is worth a summer of watering for me… Ok maybe not one but I look forward to each and every little tomato.

I refuse to use chemical fertilizers so I just stick to worm tea. And if the aphids don’t get to them they usually fair pretty well. I’ve also noticed that tomatoes often pop up from seeds the following year though because they pop up wherever and whenever they’re not the best way to get tomato plants.

If you’re willing to invest in grow lights or have a very warm sunny window sill, tomatoes can be started from seed but I usually go for seedlings because I like planting a few different types of tomatoes.

For containers I find cherry or small tomatoes are best. They ripen faster and provide more tomatoes. Though I’ve never planted big tomatoes like beefsteaks or heirloom varieties which I’d love to try one summer.

I move the container to the sunniest part of my balcony and water frequently with worm tea.

I’ve also recently seen a tomato specific fertilizer solution I want to try:

1 gallon water, warmed by the sun
2 tbsp epsom salt
2 banana peels
2 dozen egg shells

Stay tuned for the next tomato update đŸ™‚

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