Basil update 2: a new hope…


My basil is looking much better! I’m not sure if it’s the partial shade from the snow peas or the nitrogen that snow peas fix into the soil or perhaps it’s just the warmer weather but they look amazing and I’ve even had some good little harvests.

One of my favourites is poached eggs with fresh basil on toast. I’ve also added a few leaves to fresh pasta and pizza.

I plan to plant a bit more basil from seed as soon as they sprout because I can just never have enough basil!

I’ve also started plucking leaves from the bottom (thx for the tip disabilityonadime!) and while they haven’t grown new leaves yet they also haven’t died yet. đŸ™‚

Basil Update…

My first crop of basil wasn’t a big success (see photo below)


Pretty sad really, not sure if it was the cold spell or I may have over watered or maybe it was in too sunny a spot or maybe I cut too much too early but it didn’t make it.

Luckily I did take a clipping which has sprouted roots and I bought a new plant for $1.99… When at first you don’t succeed…

New strategy, plant basil with snow peas. I’ve read that snow peas and all legumes for that matter are good for basil and quite a few other plants because they give off nitrogen which acts as fertilizer. There are some plants that don’t like legumes so do a quick search on companion gardening before you start playing match maker.

I’ve also read that tall plants like snow peas and tomatoes provide basil with the partial shade it needs.

So here’s a photo of round 2 and we’ll see how it goes…


Old Post:


Every year I try to grow basil and every year I fail… I’m not sure if it’s because I get greedy and eat too much of it or maybe I under fertilize or over water? Or maybe there’s too much sun or too little?

I really love fresh basil, who doesn’t! And I’d love to have a healthily crop this year…

I think it’s important to acknowledge your successes and failures to learn so I thought I’d throw out a post and ask if anyone has any basil successes and tips to share? Especially if they’re growing the basil in a container on a balcony.

Do you start with seed, cutting, plant? How often do you fertilize? With what? How much sun? How much water? How big a pot? And what does your basil look like? Pictures welcome!

Of course I’ll do some online research as well but so far all the info I’ve found has been pretty generic and almost all of them say basil is super easy to grow… Not much help for my fragile ego…


  1. This is my first year to grow basil, too, but I’m having pretty good luck with it. Partial sun, water every other day…I’ve been picking my leaves to use from the bottom of the plant though (it looks like you’ve been picking from the top). That’s about the only difference I see; even our pots are about the same size.
    Good luck!

    • Thx for the tips!! Partial sun I think may be key. I was giving them full sun and they died… I’m on to round 2 and planting them with snow peas to provide shade. Wish me luck!! And I’ll try plucking leaves from the bottom too.

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