Snow Peas

Snow peas update:


These snow peas are growing with basil.

Snow pea greens are beautiful and delicious! I actually like them better than snow peas so I’ve been eating the greens and haven’t really let the snow peas grow. It also save me from having to tie them up. đŸ™‚

Snow peas are one of the few plants I start from seed. I sow new seeds every few weeks since snow peas are such a great companion to so many plants.

Snow peas like cooler temperatures and partial shade so I plan to replace them with maybe soy beans as it gets hotter and bring them back in the late summer.

Stay tuned…

Old Post:

Are peas a vegetable? I don’t know but they’re so easy to grow!

I sowed a few seeds 3 weeks ago and they’re already sprouting.


Peas & beans are great plants because they actually give off nitrogen into the soil which is an essential fertilizer.

They make a great companion plant to many vegetables like tomatoes and eggplants. Just do a quick search on companion planting if you’re unsure what to plant with it because there are some plants that don’t like peas.

Pea greens (mostly snow pea shoots but I haven’t tried others) are also a great green for stir fries. Cut off the tender leaves and stir fry with just a little oil and garlic. If you’re growing snow peas for their shoots be sure to plant a lot of them so you can harvest a bunch and also make sure the plant is well watered so the shoots stay tender.


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