Mint update:

Man do I love this stuff. I couldn’t resist picking up a few extra seedlings despite the reappearance of last year’s mint.

I bought pineapple mint and ginger mint to add to my spearmint and orange mint. I’m not sure if some mints are more aggressive than others but hopefully they’ll all make it through the season.

I’ve already had many bottles of mint water and plan to enjoy it all summer long. đŸ™‚


Mint has been known to be an aggressive plant. Many gardeners say once it gets in your garden it’s hard to get out. For a container gardener on a budget that happens to also love mint, that could be a good thing.

I wasn’t sure how my mint would survive a Canadian winter on my balcony in garbage bag so I was happy to see a few leaves poking their heads out of the bag the other day. And quickly moved them into a new pot.


It could be because this winter was particularly mild because I know the previous year the mint did not survive but also left it in the container which is smaller and probably froze more quickly than a massive bag of soil. This fall I may take a few clipping indoors for added insurance.

Great use for mint all summer long, add mint to water and chill in the fridge. It’s so refreshing!

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