I just had my first mango since moving back to Toronto and I’m not sure what to do with peel… To compost or not to compost?

The peel does seem awfully thick but the mango is super sweet and juicy. I wonder if the worms would just eat it up?

I know I’m throwing the pit in for sure. Want to see if I can grow a mango tree to go with my avocado tree. I don’t expect either to fruit but it’d be nice to have a different house plant.

Any experiences/thoughts on mango peels greatly appreciated as always. 🙂



  1. Although I haven’t composted a mango yet, I have composted other fruits that have really juicy rinds (ie melons). All I can say is that whenever I leave it, there is a huge mite population increase over the next few days because they like moisture. The only way I can recommend it is if you leave it overnight for the mites to collect, then wash it off with hot water in the morning to get the mites off, then place it back in the bin. If you repeat it enough times, the worms will be the main ones eating the rind and you have less mites in the bin.

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