Help, my bin smells

There are a few reasons why your bin may smell…

  • Too much food or the food is not decomposing fast enough
  • There isn’t enough air circulation
  • There isn’t good drainage
  • Meat, Fish, Dairy, or Oil have been added to the bin
  • The pH in the bin is off

First stop adding food to the bin until the issue is resolved. Remove any smelly or moldy food.

Check to see if the bin is too wet and if there’s anything blocking the drainage. Add shredded brown paper to adjust moisture and egg shells to adjust the pH. It would be almost impossible to add too many egg shells so it’s an easy way to ensure the pH is balanced.

Check if there’s anything covering the air holes and add more holes if necessary or if you’re not sure.

Also check to see if you’re worms are still alive, are they moving? If you’re worms have died, then you will need more worms to revive the bin. Make sure you do all the checks and actions above before adding new worms. If the problem is particularly bad, you may need to start a new bin but I’ve always been surprised at what a lot of brown paper and a lot of egg shells can do. I haven’t lost a bin yet! (knock on wood)


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