Worm Tea


Worm tea is my favorite way to use worm compost.

It’s less messy than separating out castings and easier to spread. It goes a lot further than just using castings, and it can be used indoors, outdoors, at all stages of a plants life, and pretty much whenever you need it.

I like using a 4L jug for worm compost. I keep the jug by my compost and just fill it whenever I get a chance.

It’s really simple, a few spoons of compost, mixed with a gallon of water.

Shine a light on an area of decomposed compost to deter the worms. Worms don’t like light. In a few minutes the worms should have moved away.

Spoon out a 2-4 tbsp of worm compost and place in the jug or in a funnel as in the picture. And fill with warm water.

If you’re compost is a bit “rustic” with lots of bits, you can use a sieve or a coffee filter in the funnel but I usually don’t bother since the sediment usually sits at the bottom and I just pour it on the outdoor plants.

Keep in mind there’s a difference between worm tea and the liquid that collects at the bottom of your bin.

Worm tea is made from fully decomposed compost and is a great liquid fertilizer for plants. Basically, you’re adding a lot of the beneficial properties of the compost without adding the bulk. You can even add the remaining compost bits back in the bin or into a planter if you wish.

The liquid at the bottom of the bin, is usually run off as the food is decomposing. It can often smell sour and can be too acidic for plants. It is not recommend to use this liquid on it’s own to water plants. Problem is you still have this liquid that needs to be dealt with so sometimes I just dilute it with a lot of water and still water my plants with it. Yes, it may be a bit acidic but better than dumping it down the drain or even worse letting it run off my balcony onto other balconies… Yuck!

I do sometimes dump it into the toilet as well.


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