White Paper?

I’m undecided about white (office) paper.

When put through a paper shredder it looks harmless enough but the chemicals used to produce that white paper I fear is harmful to worms.

At the moment I avoid it but it would be nice to use shredded paper as bedding…

Would love to hear your thoughts?



  1. I have tried white paper in compost outside. I find that if you have too much in one spot, or if you get clumps that don’t get air at their core, you get a gley layer that repels water and smells like bad mushrooms or yeasts. Other than that, one reason I can see newsprint being useful and stiffer paper being less so is that newsprint is at the end of its recycling life (pretty much) because the fibres have been significantly shortened/weakened. So if there’s an explanation of why newsprint might be okay but stiffer paper not, I think that’s what it might be.

  2. It’s interesting to read this. I do use shredded white paper, mixed with shredded toilet paper rolls and shredded cardboard for bedding. On its own the white paper gets to clumpy but mixed with other textures of paper it is fine.

    I’ve wondered about the chemicals used to produce white paper but I haven’t read anything suggesting composting it is harmful to the worms or to the plants who feed on the compost. Have you seen any updated information?

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