Red Mites

Got red specks around your bin, or really tiny red bugs on your lid? Everything I’ve read suggests these are red mites, though I’ve never seen any photos to compare.

Red mites around my bin occurs occasionally, usually when I forget to check it for awhile and let the moisture in the bin get a bit high. I think maybe the increased moisture makes them want to leave.

As gross as they sound, they’re actually perfectly harmless and are a natural part of the decomposing process so they’re fine as long as they stay in the bin. And they can’t get far outside the bin and usually die within an inch of the bin so they won’t really infest your home.

But to minimize the issue and reduce the “ick” factor, a few sheets of newspaper on top of the compost will keep them in the bin. Draining the liquid at the bottom of the bin and adding new bedding also helps decrease their desire to escape.


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