Fasting or Leaving your worms on holiday

Once you’ve got an active bin you might want to consider giving your worms a fast every once in awhile or at least not worrying if you plan to be away or need to neglect your bin for awhile.

I’ve left my bin for an entire month before and returned to find it better than ever. Kind of like a spring cleaning or if you’ve ever done a detox, fast, or cleanse. A worm fast gives the worms a chance to catch up on some unfinished items and clean things up a bit. If you’re getting ready to use your compost a fast usually results in a more uniform compost.

I don’t usually plan to fast my worms but it tends to happen 2-3 times a year due to vacations and my availability.

Usually if I know I’m going away for a longer trip (a month or so), I’ll empty the bottom liquid, re-bed the bin, add a bag of food just before I leave and make sure it’s well covered. If it’s just a week or two, I’ll leave the bin as is.

You don’t want to add too much food no matter how long you’re away for since your worms can still only eat so much at a time. Adding too much food may cause the food to spoil before the worms get to it which could cause an odor, pests and other nasty surprises when you get home.

The longest I’ve left my bin for was just under 6 weeks and I think I could have left it for even 2 months. Now every bin is different so rather than just leaving your bin for a month right off the bat, maybe it’s best to start off with a week or two and see how your bin fairs.

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