Around My Bin

I like to keep a pair of old chopsticks, a bag of newspapers, and a plant on top of my bin.

Chopsticks are a great way to stir up your compost and move things around. They’re easy to keep cleanish, it’s easier to get big bits of compost off a chopstick then a small shovel, it’s less noticeable if your bin is out in the open like mine is, and I’m less worried about accidentally stabbing a worm with chopsticks then a shovel. Plus chopsticks are cheap and often free. As they become too worn I just toss them and grab a new pair. Longer chopsticks are generally better but the free bamboo ones with your next sushi order are better than nothing.

Newspaper is always handy, it’s a quick fix if the compost is too wet, or you need a quick cover. It’s also great if your lid is moist and some condensation drips, you can wipe it up with newspaper first, toss it in the bin, then get a cleaner and damp sponge to give it a quick wipe. And if you have red mites crawling out of your, a few sheets of newspaper on top of the compost will keep the mites in the bin until you can adjust the moisture in the bin.

Plant on top of the bin is a bit tricky so proceed with care!

Worms need air, and the air holes are on the top of my bin. But I really don’t like the look of my bin, in fact, I’d like to start a new bin but am still considering my options.

So I chose this plant setup carefully. I planted this plant in a wicker basket so it’d be light and could sit on top of the bin without pressing down on the lid and cover the holes. Plus the basket itself allows for air flow around it. I also chose this plant, who’s name escapes me, because it shoots out of the planter with lots of green leaves thereby covering the surrounding bin.

Still there’s no hiding the worm bin but at least it less obvious at first glance.



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